Since 1998, AYSET brand name as a solid reputation on medical demand  for safety and reliable performance is approved  by  our customer satisfaction as well as  by the certificates ISO 13485:2003,  TS EN ISO 9001:2000, NS EN ISO 9002, TS EN ISO 13488, TS EN ISO 7886-1,  TS 4002 EN ISO 7864, TS 5659 EN ISO 8537,  and CE mark.  In order to assure  a continuous validation of  high quality, all  products  of AYSET are produced  in compliance with GMP standards.  Today,  by the safe and reliable  products with high quality,  obtaining  in-depth knowledge of the customer’s  needs and the related processes, AYSET has become a well-known leading brand in the country.

“Quality in Health”  as our mission  AYSET will carry on  to develop  new  medical products with our  concept  of the continual improving  quality  as well as our production based on  high technology  for the country.